Tillandsia (Air Plant) Mounted on Driftwood Workshop at Utsuwa Floral Design


Fridays, 6/1 and 6/15 @7:30pm
at Cinema Café: NEW PEOPLE Lobby

“Tillandsia (Air Plant) Mounted on Driftwood Workshop” at NEW PEOPLE’s Cinema Café on 6/1 & 6/15!

Please Reserve Your Spot for Friday, 6/1 Workshop:

Please Reserve Your Spot for Friday, 6/15 Workshop:

Utsuwa Floral Design is holding a special workshop to show you how to mount Tillandsia air plants to a piece of driftwood. Utsuwa is inviting the first 10 people that sign up for each dates. Of course, you can take your beautifully mounted Tillandsia home! Hurry, it’s only for the first 10 people to sign up!

Workshop Details:

Dates: Friday, 6/1 and Friday, 6/15 (please sign up for one of the dates)
Time: from 7:30pm (about an hour long workshop)
Fee: $45 + TAX
(for materials + workshop *includes a free beverage from the Café)
Instructor: Hiroshi Hayama (Owner, Utsuwa Floral Design)
Phone: 415-525-8683
Location: NEW PEOPLE 1F Lobby
1746 Post Street, San Francisco, CA 94115

*Please bring an apron or a not-so-nice top to wear. Clothing may get dirty.
**Please bring us the printed receipt from eventbrite.com, or show us on your smartphone.

Hiro Hayama, May 06, 2012