Utsuwa Floral Design is a full-service bonsai, flower and plant shop in the Polk Gulch neighborhood of San Francisco, specializing in bonsai, air plants, terrariums and succulents. We feature a large selection of ready-made flower arrangements and can create custom arrangements to suit any taste or personality.

The Founder

Hiro Hayama grew up in Tokyo, where his grandmother taught him how to speak to flowers through ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement. His great uncle, an award-winning bonsai master, helped Hiro master bonsai techniques. After a successful 12-year run in the Suginami area of Tokyo, Hiro packed up and brought Utsuwa to San Francisco in 2010.

Hiro himself has become a master at bringing nature into even the smallest of spaces:

"I recreate nature in a limited space. People will be able to feel and smell nature from my little works. Without nature, we can’t live. The size of nature doesn’t matter. Even if it’s small, we will be able to imagine a deep forest or vast ocean. Feeling nature makes you calm.”